The Game Plan of Sons & Daughters of Destiny consists of using several curriculums & resources that are designed to help empower young people for virtuous living by making wise, responsible decisions for their future: Worth the Wait, AC Green Game Plan, Navigator, Dare to be Queen, 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, What do you stand for, Pillars of Character, Real Men, Respect. There are two, ten week sessions (20 weeks) focusing on character building, benefits of abstinence until marriage- middle & high school and making good choices. Sessions are held once a week and designed for young men & young ladies age 9 to 18. There is Parenting for Success (for parents of participants) That is offered two sessions a month. The only cost is a $5.00 registration fee per participant. "Empowering Youth for Virtuous Living."

Empowering Youth

for Virtuous living

Path Finders: Young men, ages 9 to 11 begin their journey finding the pathway to good character& decision making through nationally accredited character building materials, videos, role playing and discussion. 

Dare to be King- What if the prince lives? Ambassadors (representatives) Young men ages 12 and up continue the journey as ambassadors or representatives who are developing good character, learning independent thinking skills, the importance of education, skills to help make positive choices. Life skills are taught on how to handle violent situations, how to respect and treat young ladies, the importance of abstinence until marriage.

Stepping Stones & Kids With Character What Do You Stand For?

Ages 9-11 (Teaching character development, life skills & building self-esteem, self worth, respect)

A.C. Green Game Plan/ Worth the Wait Character Development

Grades 6 to 8 ( Promoting & building self value, Character Development, teaching abstinence, using sports & athletic themed approach, critical decision making)

Dare to be Queen- Navigator Character Development Program

(Character Development, Dare to be Different, Independent Thinking, Absitinence until marriage taught  on a high school level.) Grades 9-12

Girls to Women Program - Empowerment

This program teaches young ladies how to make life choices& decisions as they transition to womanhood. (Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens) is one of the tools used for this level of the program. ( It is required that young ladies complete the Navigator Program before entering this program) and keep the commitment to good character and abstinence until marriage.